Foreign Flavors

The Origins of: Mo Mo

“Think about you when I’m goin’ to bed. When I wake up, think of you again." -- Becky G, musician (Obviously talking about Mo Mo) “I’ll have more Mo Mo please!” This seemed to be a common theme throughout our time in Nepal. I think within a ten day span we each probably consumed fifty of… Continue reading The Origins of: Mo Mo

Trek & Transit

Trek & Transit: Realizations on the Road to Pokhara

The road to Pokhara is a bumpy one. A supposedly eight hour journey from the heart of Kathmandu to the mountainous, second-largest Nepali city, puts your nerves to the test. Winding gravel roads, hugging the mountain sides with mere inches to spare between two lanes of traffic and a vertical drop. The line of twenty… Continue reading Trek & Transit: Realizations on the Road to Pokhara