Foreign Flavors

Foreign Flavors: Xi’an Muslim Quarter

Inside the ancient city walls of Xi'an, China lay wonderful and completely unexpected surprises, which is why they're surprises; you get it. A short walk on West Street from the large Bell tower, or Bird tower as I like to call it.  A gateway just past the tower opens to a glowing and lively section… Continue reading Foreign Flavors: Xi’an Muslim Quarter

Trek & Transit

Trek & Transit: Halong Bay

The infamous rainforest covered peaks of a staggering 1,900 limestone islands pop out of nowhere in the foggy distance of Vietnam. The massive bay itself spans for 1,553 square kilometers, which to me, is unfathomable. We were able to only see a small area during our one day, one night cruise.  A small crew, including… Continue reading Trek & Transit: Halong Bay